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Eel noodles – Nghe An’s Culinary specialties

One delicious specialty visitors should try when they come to Nghe An are the local dish of eel noodles.  You can find it in Ninh Binh. The main ingredient of this dish is eel. Selecting eels to make a good dish is quite challenging and requires experience. The highest quality eels are small eels called …


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Chill this summer with Hanoi specialty: cold snail noodles

In a corner of Hanoi’s Dong Da District, this edition of snail noodles cools down the sizzling heat of summer. I stopped my motorbike at the sight of the shoulder pole on the sidewalk. Finding the place was not difficult though one could as easily overlook the neatly arranged stall. A hundred meters inside Alley …


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Lotus root soup – A tasty and healthy appetizer

Lotus root soup is a traditional dish eaten daily by Vietnamese people. It is also enjoyed at parties, weddings and during the Tet (lunar New Year) holiday. The dish is available at restaurants in all three regions of Vietnam. There are several ways to cook the dish but the most popular one is to stew …


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Fill your stomach with Com suon Dao Duy Tu

It’s lunch time and you want something that will fill your stomach, you can find many different kinds of dishes in the Hanoi Old Quarter. It’s time to head to someplace that offers special dishes, after a day of sightseeing and discover the new things in Hanoi, the city with more than 1,000 years old …


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Banh Hoi (Rice noodle sheet)

Its name is a little bit confusing, it’s actually not a cake at all, but a dish of thin rice noodles woven into intricate bundles. In spite of the texture and taste being quite similar to vermicelli‘s, fresh banh hoi is distinctively thin and soft. Processing banh hoi entails a number of simple steps and …


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Hanoi’s signature ice creams impress diners

Ice-cream came to Vietnam many years ago and has become a favourite, especially in scorching summer days. Let’s join us for a tour to Trang Tien Street, Hanoi, a place renowned for serving top ice cream among both locals and visitors. First introduced in the 1950s, Trang Tien ice cream restaurant on the street of …


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Saigon Café Restaurant offers special menu for National Day celebration

Saigon Café Restaurant on Level 1 of the Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers is offering a special menu for the National Day celebration. The restaurant’s special buffet features traditional Vietnamese specialties including prawn and lotus stem salad, Vietnamese fresh spring roll, crispy soft shell crab, wok-fried vermicelli with crab meat, wok-fried Len snail with coconut …


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Vietnam shines in TripAdvisor’s best destinations for Bucket List holidays

TripAdvisor has announced its list of top 10 best destinations for Bucket List holidays. Vietnam has been ranked third among the top 10 destinations for Bucket List holidays, according to a list released by TripAdvisor, a US travel and restaurant website company. According to TripAdvisor, Vietnam deserves to be ranked third among the 10 best …


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Banh mi – one of the reasons to fall in love with Hanoi

Experiencing new cuisines is one of the best ways to help you discover a culture-rich city like Hanoi. Hanoi is heaven of street food, so tourists can spend a lot of time in this burgeoning city and never eat the same meal twice. One of the best street foods in Hanoi is banh mi, a …


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“Pau Plau” Day Cake

Day Cake is a popular type of cake that can be found all over Vietnam, but the Day Cake called “Pau Plau” in Lao Cai is quite a unique dish. It is made solely of rice, but its deliciousness has been tested and acknowledged by many travelers who have been to Lao Cai. The rice …



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